image-1-1Hi, I’m John (‘Duze’ to most). I’m a story artist for TV shows and Movies. I’m also an animator, published author and I’ve done directing and voice acting too. CalArts Grad.

Most recently I have been working as a story artist on a new TV show for Disney. It’s a series based on one of Walt’s classic feature films and I can’t wait to share it once it premieres in 2017!

Until then, please enjoy some samples of my work below:

Mole People, Mole Problems


Duke of Fancy

Duke of Fancy was an 11-episode series for RugBurn created by myself and my long-time writing partner Zack Keller. Each episode had to be produced from script to screen in just 5 days. I was responsible for storyboards, designs, rigs, props, backgrounds, animation, and I voiced two of the main characters.

Animatic Examples:

Finished Episodes:

Hamsters with Mustaches

A three-part series for DreamWorks TV, I was Storyboard and Animation Supervisor. The scripts were written by the incomparable Dani Michaeli.

Click HERE to watch all three episodes!

Kids Show

The client on this project wanted to revamp their CG show in 2D and they asked me to revise and reimagine what that would look like. It was my task to push poses, make better acting choices, and enhance the less expressive CG version of the characters.

Team Fortress

Part of a pitch to Valve, I came up with these beat boards for a web comic version of the popular video game “Team Fortress 2.”

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