Writing has been a passion for John since he was a boy. In Kindergarten he scribed a fully illustrated, 22-part extension of the “Back to the Future” films. Then, in 3rd grade, he penned his first screenplay, “Fastest Laser Shot in the West.” Also a blatant ripoff of “Back to the Future.” It would have become a feature-film, had Stephanie McAdams not stolen his cast during recess.

He continued to write and draw, growing up in the desolate town of Manhattan Beach. He fell in love with authors like Tolkien, Crichton, George R.R. Martin and many other old white men whose names end with the sound “in”. Aiming for another stable career choice, John graduated from CalArts with a degree in Film/Video from the Character Animation program.

John lives in Los Angeles, working as an animator, director and story artist. But when he’s not drawing pictures for a living, John writes–usually on someone’s borrowed laptop. When he’s not directing shows like “Cosmos” and parts of “Spongebob Squarepants,” John can be found raising his beautiful daughter and finishing his upcoming novels. He promises they’re not rip-offs of Back to the Future.


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