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A Tale of Zombies (from Twitter to Novel)

What if you were stuck at Disneyland when the Zombie Apocalypse broke out? I am pleased to announce that my first novel will be released in late 2013, titled Wonderful World of Zombies.

To the best of my knowledge, we were the first people to create a popular, real-time story using Twitter as a public venue. Though it didn’t go viral, while it was being written in real-time two years ago, I had nothing but positive feedback from several hundred subscribers to @HiddenMickey33 — an idea conceived late one night with my brother James.

We’ve both always had a great love for the theme park and it made complete sense to take the story and novelize it as my first published work. I’ve been working on several short stories and a more serious novel called Book of Paige’s for the past two years — but this will be the first one published through Pen, Pint & Pyre Publishing. It’s a great adventure and I really think you’ll like it.

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