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WALL•E Review in Campus Circle Magazine

Recently, I had the great opportunity to see a screening of WALL•E at the Disney lot. I was able to sit down with some of the cast and crew on behalf of Campus Circle Magazine and write a very brief article on page 6 of this week’s issue. (You can download the latest issue for free)

WALL•E was an amazing film. The more I think about WALL•E the more I fall in love with it. It’s a spectacular piece of cinema. I want to stress that. I believe animation is just a medium, not a form of art itself. The art form is film making and story telling. I was particularly impressed with the first half of WALL•E, which had little to no dialogue. Pure character based story. It’s one of the best films I’ve seen this year, and my new favorite Pixar film (beating out Toy Story 2 and Ratatouille). They have outdone themselves once again. I can’t wait to see it for the 3rd time and own it on Blu-Ray!

Below is the article, unfortunately missing a bit of the chat between Andrew Stanton, Ben Burtt, Jeff Garlin, Fred Willard and John Ratzenberger, that I may be able to post here later…

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